Flanders, Belgium

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: EACEA/06/2019- Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital

Deadline: 20/6/2019

Cultural operator: VRT

Short description

VRT is the public broadcaster of Flanders, Belgium.

Core Missions: first and foremost, the VRT needs to focus on information, culture and education, both broadening and in-depth. The VRT needs to fulfil this based on the expectations of the various media users.

VRT focusses on creative expression in a broad an in-depth manner.

Contact details:

Gregg Young, content innovation, gregg.young@vrt.be


Fields: e.g. Mixed Reality, Culture/Heritage/Art, Interdisciplinary…


VR installation travelling over Europe showing milestones in the history of Europe targeting a young audience. Experience in an appealing way with gamification elements some of Europe’s unique inventions. Walk in a roman testudo, fly with the aerial screw (helicopter) from Leonardo Da Vinci or activate the Tesla coil in his lab, …  

With immersive media, history becomes a vivid experience, a memory instead of schoolbook material. This project inspires youngsters through new digital media.  

Key components and challenges:

• Detailed historical accuracy

• Excited storytelling with gamification elements

• Technical excellence in VR technology (state of the art)

• Distribution to a wide young audience

Partners searched

Countries: All countries welcome


• Musea and historian institution

• VR gamedeveloper companies

• Youth festivals


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